Canadian terror attack…most likely a pasty was used

In other words the OFFICIAL story,just like 9/11…is simply not true.

Sure people were killed BUT the suspicion arises when you ask who was responsible.

The official story is it was a lone Canadian….who had second thoughts,then phoned in to give himself up….this sounds like utter nonsense..presumably before the attack an escape would have been planned.

A possible answer is the pasty realised he had been set up…and phoned in to save his life…there being a very real danger of him being removed by the people who organised the attack.His background gives no indication what so ever of behaviour of this type being a possibility.

You’d have to be just plain stupid to believe anything the MSM says about these incidents…after all they have been proven to be ardent liars on crucial 9/11.

When top Jewish bankers are assassinated this will be real…rather than innocents being killed… unlucky enough to be caught up in global power play.

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