Chief rabid rabbi “slams Trumps Muslim ban”

This is just the sort of appalling hypocrisy Jews are famous for…

The top rabbi in Britain reckons Trump banning mooslums is horrible….followed by the usual advertisement for Jewish suffering and persecution….”we’ve been threw it..”he reckoned…

This bullshit involves all the chicanery Jews have a well deserved reputation for.

JEWS ARE CURRENTLY PERSECUTING MINORITIES IN ISRAEL…AND ONLY RECENTLY EMPLOYED WHITE PHOSPHORUS AGAINST SAID MINORITIES.The minorities in question are TORTURED as a matter of routine.Their houses are blown up and Jewish houses are built in their place,paid for by American taxpayers.

This hypocritical Jew…then criticises Trump….KNOWING FULL WELL THAT TRUMP IS A JEW.

So….as you might expect…it is all a big act on the part of this rabbi…his comments are designed to accomplish other objectives….like setting up Jews as the “sufferers in chief” of humanity…assuming they are not actually lizards of course.

The fucking pompous IDIOT Pwince Charles is becoming increasingly vocal about holocau$t stuff….hardly surprising really…he is a crypto Jew who was circumcised by a rabbi!!!….

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