NZ TV1 discusses immigration…but is very careful to NOT interview NZers who object.The “experts” they interview on the subject are, 9 times out of 10…NOT European Kiwis…usually they are Jews

So you are NOT actually receiving REAL news….The news is biased and slanted…right from the start.

Keep in mind the recent American presidential election…on the lead up to voting if you believed the Jewish controlled media…The jewess Hillary Clinton was the next president…it was a foregone conclusion….but it was all propaganda and not true.America’s heartland spoke….infuriating the TOTALLY BIASED Jewish run media.They are STILL at it…

The cunts who control the NZ media better figure out that their TOTALLY BIASED reporting on alien immigration has not gone un-noticed…MANY PEOPLE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF IT….The horrid daughter of NZs Rosa Luxembourg ,Katy Bradford is a good case in point…Obviously her Jewish credentials got her into NZ TV…it’s sort of a prerequisite for working in the media….there is a DEFINITE bias against employing European NZers…which emanates from well disguised Jewish racism.

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