Pommy parliament goes absolutely stark raving bonkers..witches to receive posthumous pardons

All those witches who were persecuted for their troubles are going to be pardoned for their crimes which are no longer crimes….This nonsense has frightening similarities to Orwells 1984…rewriting the past that is…He who controls the present,controls the past.

It’s all a publicity exercise of course and reflects the increasing number of fudgepacker to be found in the British parliament….probably now approaching that which was once found in the Ancient Roman forum…as Rome headed to terminal decline and collapse.

This stuff is all a distraction rather like the function the colosseum…bread and circuses.

It is TOTALLY ABSURD….The Daily Mail proudly trumpets a new all encompassing pardon for fudging committed by fudgepackers in the past…Is it any wonder the Mail devoted PAGES of rubbish concerning the demise of George Michael…The multimillionaire homosexual crooner….it’s all part of gay promotion in the countries of the West…all ruled over by a Jewish elite.

Only the BBC would employ Portillo the 50% gay…who is a known homosexual pedophile…No wonder the Jew Saville was not prosecuted…he was protected by the likes of the Windsors.

Obviously a clean out is required…at the very top…to restore Britain.

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