Richard Branson…his REAL ethnicity.

Currently the creep is hosting Obama and his wife on his private island.Unlike previous presidents Obama seems to be hanging around…

Now believe it or not Branson is ACTUALLY A JEW….but you would never guess it.The media certainly does not mention anything at all…not even in passing.

So actually  Branson is a CRYPTO JEW…Jews have been behaving in this manner for centuries….Imagine if the public knew that MOST of these billionaires were Jews…Members of the Jewish elite want to keep their scam secret…and they have good reasons for doing so.

Take John Kerry for example…he is a JEW who purports to be a Catholic.Thus when he travels to Israel he does so as a Catholic…he is therefore impartial…..NOT!.

When Branson was building his empire he played the hippy act putting people off their guard….then there were all the self publicity stunts.

The fact is Branson is part of the jewish oligarchy which is currently destroying western identity by fostering and supporting mass alien immigration of the third world…..into Europe.Obviously if a revolution kicks off you’d put a drone in the skies above his private islands….that’s the first place he’ll heading to….His islands are refugee free…as you may have already figured out.

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