Jewish controlled NZ media gives them publicity.

A bunch of Indians are hiding out in a church after being told they must leave NZ.They were involved in a student visa scam.

The vast majority of NZers would say…arrest them and get them on the plane back to India…now.


There are literally thousands of illegal immigrants in NZ….they are here because the Jewish controlled government REFUSES TO ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAWS.If these Indians were ever to receive permission to stay…THEY WOULD NEVER DARKEN THE DOORS OF A CHURCH EVER AGAIN.

Put it like this…Eighty percent of NZers vote AGAINST reforming the law on homosexuality….The law was passed anyway.NZers were totally ignored…NZers opinion came into conflict with…The hidden agenda…

The Jewish media in NZ deliberately avoids representing the majority opinion by biased news…such as this report.It COULD suggest these Indians are scamming NZs immigration laws and be treated like the criminals they are.Instead the story is presented as a human rights issue..Some of these students look to be over thirty years old!!.

It is issues like this which persuaded Americans to vote for Trump….they had no alternative but to vote for this idiot.

You can be assured that English the NZ PM belongs to the same crowd as other leaders of western countries.He should be publicly forced to say whether or not he is an accursed FREEMASON.

Middle NZ had better start getting vocal on the issue of alien immigration otherwise NZ is destined for major social issues….like Sweden for example.In Britain WHOLE cities have been taken over by third world immigrants…It is an invasion without a bullet being fired because the “hidden government” has opened the gates.

Finally….check out TV1’s “Breakfast News”…and see the line up of giggling smiling MORONS who present the show….NZ TV is rapidly moving toward the imbecilic model of television copied from American TV….a veritable fucking disaster….guaranteed to prove LETHAL to brain cell development.

It is conceivable that in the future NZers may be forced to beat up a few of the grossly overpaid MPs to get the message across….Don’t worry the elite are ahead of the curve on this one…security of representatives who don’t represent has been ramped up across the board in Western democracies… has had to be “ramped up”… because the arrogant cunts are NOT representing the electorates views but rather an ideology which is often described as Political Correctness.

One of the “news” readers actually made a sensible suggestion regarding NZs new PC Deputy Prime Minister…”The blob would make a very useful bouncy beach ball …she already looks like one which is fortuitous”.

Exercise your rights in a democracy and suggest the mobile beanbag loses some effing weight…Google the email address.

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