NZ TV’s most arrogant chosen person

In a recent poll Greg Boyes was voted the most racist arrogant Jewish newsreader….

He is forever going on about racism…and guess what it ,is always “whites” who are singled out for comment by greasy Boyes.This is standard practise for Jewish commentators in the media.

BUT….it is a “trick” because few people would be aware that Boyes belongs to one of the most racist races in the world…Jews.(check out Israel…it steals billions of dollars from Germany and America….while persecuting a minority within the country…a great example of Jewish power and influence)

Naturally Boyed never comments on Jewish racism….forbidden territory.Think about the poor Christian priests in Jerusalem who are routinely spat on by racist Jewish religious maniacs.

Obviously a petition needs to be set up calling for equal opportunity employment in NZ television….currently there is an unspoken bias against European Kiwis…unless they are deviants of course.Anglo Saxon fudgepackers are more than welcome to apply for jobs.

Viewers should send a can of spray on De-greaser to TVNZ and suggest they use it to give Boyes a touch up before he appears on screen.

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