Trump in conflict with Australian PM.

This is all nonsense of course…they are both Jews and both part of Global Jews Inc….

Both gain political mileage out of it.Trump is seen to be tough on immigration in the US.

Turnbull is seen to be tough on immigration in Australia…

BOLLOCKS….In NZ for example there are now street signs in English and Chinese….THIS is the work of Jews Incorporated….America is STILL being flooded with third world immigrants…New Zealand is getting MORE per capita than the USA!!.

Once again refer to the Barbara Spectre you tube video….You should then note WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO SWEDEN…via the globalist FLOODING SWEDEN WITH IMMIGRANTS…there are now parts of Stockholm that are off limits to Swedes!.

This INVASION has been 101% backed and promoted by the Swedish media…which like other Western Countries is controlled by Jews…

Expect more Jewish scams promoting the idea that the Jewish oligarchy is controlling immigration….take the scumbag Richard Branson…a Jewish billionaire who does everything possible to support the invasion of the third world.Starbucks another Jewish owned company has promised to employ thousands of third world immigrants…what is NOT said of course is just HOW this company has already benefited from vast third world immigration….ROCK BOTTOM WAGES…as wage rates are driven down by immigrants.Then there are all the restaurants in London…with immigrant staff….who are desperate for work…this has enabled some,maybe MOST owners of these restaurants to STEAL the tips customers have provided for the staff!!.

All of this allowed by the supposed elected representatives in parliament.

In Romania…tens of thousands of Romanians have demonstrated against their government which has proposed to un-jail government officials convicted of corruption….That’s what these cunts understand.Romanians no doubt recall how they got rid of the despot Ceaucescu.

So if you want to believe Starbucks supposed humanitarian concerns..go ahead,but be assured their grand gesture is all financial…NOT humanitarian.

The Multi,multi millionaires…Turnbull and Trump are having a laugh…

Notice how the screws are being turned on Iran…..this has always been Jewish/zionist objective…..The war drums are being beaten….right on cue after Trumps election….that was the plan all along….once again American blood and resources will be spent fighting WAR FOR ISRAEL.

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