How the Jewish billionaire Richard Branstein got rich

Unlike the bloke who invented the new fangled vacuum cleaners and made piles of cash…Branson money has been achieved by a different route…self publicity and flim flammery….using his high profile he then schmoozed around the corridors of power leveraging  this high public profile… get his way.

His business scams sold the idea that he was a man of the people….so when he got hold of rail lines (CHEAP)…he did it to improve the hellish existence of the British commuter…not to make HUGE profits….it was a selfless act on behalf of Branson.

He now has so much money people are disinclined to believe his man of the people hippy act.Currently he is hosting the idiot Obama’s on one of his Caribbean islands….good publicity again…it’s all to do with self publicity.

In the real world…British rail commuters are paying HUGELY EXORBITANT rail fares to go a short distance…so much so that commuters can buy cheap plane tickets to European destinations then fly back to Britain to London CHEAPER than going directly on Virgin Rail!!.

Virgin Rail is a MASSIVE CASHCOW for Branstein….massive.As you would expect his airlines publicity does not match up with the actual service…which receives large numbers of complaints.

His motivation for challenging the Brexit result is,once again,bullshit…it’s all about Bransteins profits…nothing else.

It is unlikely the British media will pull the plug on this Jewish scammer…The media is owned by tribe members…

“Virgin Soap”…..sounds like a good scam Branson could be involved in….or how about “Virgin Lampshades”.

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