University protesters shut down Calstate Uni.

Paul Craig Roberts recent posting highlights the contradictions of left-wing protesters actions at a Californian university…..he couldn’t figure out why traditionally left wing students should be opposed to Trump….after all he wants to prevent war with Russia.

He actually answered his own question within his article……He mentioned that when he attended the university…high academic standards were required…

That’s the problem in a nutshell…The dumbing down of universities….previously only the cream of brainified students went to university…if you weren’t packing sufficient amounts of brain cells…sorry try some other field of Endeavour….

Trouble is university qualifications became identified with success and respectability…..Another problem is the yawning gap in standards between different universities in the US…

You can’t democratize universities…it would be nice if you could,so every one can have a go…doesn’t work out that way.

RESULT…The moronification of tertiary education…You have people like the audience’s who attend the Jimmy Felon show or Ellen Degenerate, actually attending universities in the US.A crime against humanity…which is actually worth protesting about in itself!.

So the morons who show up at these demos today simply didn’t exist when Roberts was being educated.

Morons are easily whipped up into a frenzy….with rhetoric by their brainy deep state leaders.

American universities apparently give “scholarships” to American football players….who spell their names with reversed “R’s” …or in extreme cases with an “X”.’..Today they could attend uni on their own merits.

Most universities today need to trim back social sciences etc…there is simply too much opportunity for bullshit to flourish….and fanaticism too!.

Years back I got a temporary job in a sociology department at a university…a huge learning curve (I now suspect that they had been tipped off about my heretical views).

There were three post graduate students led by pommie professor (genuinely brainy but a smug git)…They were an unpleasant lot and noticeably free of humour…a common characteristic of fanatical types.There was the “gray man” who would have made a perfect SIS agent…you hardly noticed he was there…he seemed to be calculating a lot but I could never figure out exactly what.

There was the “sponge pudding lesbian”….she wasn’t one of those vicious ones though….but she was blobby.While listening to the pommie professor drone on I was figuring out an early warning earthquake predicting device by attaching monitors to the sponge pudding….figuring the vibrations would be amplified by the lesbians blobbyness.

Then there was the millionth Maori Sheila…who could have passed for an Italian or French woman.She had obviously been raised on Marxist injustice fodder….and therefore I reckoned “dangerous”.She was sporting calf length Dr Martin footwear which at the time you associated with leftist anarcho troublemakers…..keep well clear.

Any comment I made was viewed as potentially intolerant…so I shut up..anyway I was just a temporary worker whose comments were not worth considering.(At the time they were moaning about the fascist bastard students in the engineering department)

Toward the end of my “tenure”…I thought I would risk a comment….they were talking about equality of the sexes….that sort of carry on.I said  “Look….come off it,you’ll have to admit there ARE differences between the sexes,let’s face it”.

I was unprepared for the hysterical (see the loony Freuds now discredited mumbo jumbo) reaction…In a high pitched screech…The millionth Maori Sheila says…”WHAT DO YOU MEAN…I’VE GOT A VAGINA AND YOU HAVE A PENIS????!!!”….

I put this outburst down to the wrong time of the month…and thanked me lucky stars that NZ did not have a woman Prime Minister….yet!!.

You want rational people in Arts faculties…not obsessives hung up on ideology…which is a form of religion…for a lot of ’em.

Were the famous riots in Paris during the hippy era…ACTUALLY orchestrated by “hidden forces”….there ARE deep states and they ARE a threat to democracy.


My job was to enter the teeming slums of Palmerston North and interview the oppressed inhabitants on their views of the world …aural history type stuff.(keep in mind that the pommy professor was from the north of Britain where working class slums are two a penny)….Only now is an entrenched class system developing in NZ…with the likes of Cur Michael Fay the Marrano merchant banker stealing hundreds of millions of dollars while many NZers are in perpetual struggle…combine this with massive uncontrolled immigration from third world countries and you have a recipe for destabilization.

It was a nerve wracking experience entering the slums….a lot of the occupants have vicious bitey dogs….On one occasion I arrived at a slum…only to find one of those snappy little Fox terrier type dogs…no worries…if he gets too snappy I’ll put a boot into him while the untermenschers aren’t looking.The mutt disappeared under a beat up untaxed rusting hulk…only to emerge behind me to sink its fangs into my ankle leaving behind a couple of puncture wounds..fuck this for a joke….I went back to my flat and interviewed a flatmate and asked her to put on a proletarian type accent…job done.By this time I was sick of hearing why ACDC’s early works were a lot “fucken better than this shit they’re playin’ now”‘…The Pommie smug git will buy the fake interview no worries,I thought…but it might not get past the three PC stooges…since they were born and bred Kiwis.

You can only imagine what’s going on in NZ universities today.By now..MOST of the academic staff will be Jews and minorities…if what has happened in American universities is anything to go by.

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