Ahmed Hussain…guess what…he is Canada’s minister of immigration…

Appointed to his position by the Jews of course……Jews like Trudeau.

It is done for political reasons of course.The main motivation is globalism..

On the other hand European Canadians are DELIBERATELY EXCLUDED FROM POSITIONS OF INFLUENCE….like for example in the media.

The Jews get away with this primarily because they deliberately disguise their identity….99% of Canadians will assume Trudeau is “white”…..when infact he is a Jew…Only on rare occasions are CRYPTO Jews like Trudeau , exposed.John Kerry…The “Catholic” was exposed as a crypto Jew for example.

Theresa May the British PM is a crypto Jew like her husband…but the media went to considerable trouble to give her Christian credentials….church attendance for example.The Spanish referred to Jews like May as “Nueva Christians” (new Christians)…The Turkish called them Donmeh.

As so many people have stated…The objective for flooding Western Countries with third world people is to destroy the identity of Europeans.

Along with constant promotion of homosexuality the Jews also promote other “themes” like inter racial marriage.In garbage like The Kardashians the fiends promote of these themes.Other examples are homosexuals adopting children…this is pushed too.Elton John and his Jewish husband receives plenty of publicity.Madonna the Marrano Catholic promotes the adoption of third world children etc etc.

Maybe the General public will wise up to what’s going on.

Jews completely control the Wests media…

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