German retreat from Stalingrad… mk 2

Hitler made one of his famous strategic cock ups by refusing to allow German forces to make a strategic withdrawal on the Eastern Front….a catastrophe for the troops resulting in the capture of the whole army.

Then there was the famous “stop order” halting the German troops when they had the British retreating in disarray toward Dunkirk.

But…there is more.

The British and Americans had German troops caught in a pincher movement in North Africa….The outcome was a foregone conclusion…defeat.Rommel advised evacuation of his army which would have saved the day and allowed his army to regroup.Hitler refused to allow it.Result…defeat and the capture of tens of thousands of German troops.

There are fools who continue to this day,to admire Hitlers strategic genius.

You COULD put Hitlers blunders down to his stupidity….but first take a close look at the Nazi elite…in particular Joseph Goebbels….A poisonous dwarf with a club foot…The finest example of an Aryan ubermensch you could find…NOT!.

Note:A close relative of the scaryan Aryan Himmler…a stumpy pear shaped freak with multi power married to……wait for it…an Israeli!.

Note:.Currently the media is featuring a spat between Arnold Swarzeneggar and Trump….they are BOTH Jews…and have been pictured together in the past as good friends.

What about the “lock her up” chant at Trumps election meetings.Clinton is a Jew….Trump previously donated money to Clinton.

The above are easily identifiable deceptions by the Jewish elite…Then there was the top Nazi ROSENBERG…if you get the picture.

Note: Rommel was subsequently targeted by Hitler…but he had a problem…..Rommel was a very popular figure with the German public…a war hero.

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