The Daily Mails transport incidents articles.

The Jewish (crypto) editor of the Daily Mail absolutely loves “racist rants” by poms on trains buses and planes.

Usually the ranters are drunk lowlife.

These highly publicised incidents help create the impression that the only people who object to Britain being invaded by half the known world are uneducated scumbags.The reality is something entirely different,which is why Britons voted to leave the EU.

So the jew who edits the Daily Mail is deliberately misleading it’s readers.

Also…if you run a check on the “journalists” who write the articles you find many of them have an axe to grind on the subject…you can determine that from their Facebook pages…if they have one.No doubt some of the incidents are faked.

It gets worse….The British secret police (headed up by the crypto Jew Parker) will no doubt be collating information on persistent anti immigration comment makers….”1984″ has already arrived…with the connivance of despicable rags like the Daily Mail…at least you know the Guardian is against anti invasion opinion….


MOST people who are against their country being invaded are NOT drunken morons.

Obviously post revolution you would have the editor of the Daily Mail arrested and sent to the local Palmolive factory ASAP….

The Daily Mails current obsession is with Prince Harry and his octoroon bride in waiting….Such a marriage would be absolutely perfect as a propaganda tool for the zio-globalists…..You could speculate that Princess Di’s intention to marry a Muslim had a similar objective.

The Jews have already installed a Muslim mayor of London…their next step would be install a Muslim PM…(instead of a crypto Jew)…meantime Britain is slowly coming apart at the seams….so slowly that you don’t really notice it (like grass growing)

In case people in Britain wish to voice their opposition to the invasion they can vote for the babbling grotesque idiot Farage.Sorry they’ve got that option well covered…he is without any doubt…a crypto Jew.

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