Promoting the Windsors…. a constant barrage of publicity (

All monarchies always end up corrupted…there are loads of examples in history…From China to Ancient Egypt..summit eventually goes wrong..The Royals eventually go squiffy…they start talking to plants for example or have specific instructions to their servants on the correct way to peel a banana…weird stuff like this.

The Windsors are a bunch of CREEPS which explains why they associated with the most degenerate man in British history…The Jew Saville.

The promotion of the Windsors has been stepped up in recent years.The careers of the media can be advanced with the appropriate amount of toadying sycophancy.

History has shown they won’t go quietly…there has to be some major event to shift them…No scandal is too big…they won’t budge.

All the ramped up publicity is to counter the growing mood for change which the ruling class is well aware of..but of course is NOT reported in the media.

A good way around disrupting the country in order to throw the Windsors out would be to start a new dynasty composed of distant relatives who have not been through the public school system.They would have to be highly qualified and be British going back generations….With no special privileges like Prince Charles has in the Duchy of Cornwall…allowing him to avoid paying huge amounts of taxes.

One thing is for sure…this bunch of inbreds need to be removed…they have proven time and again…they WILL put the interests of politically correct ideology BEFORE the welfare of the people of Britain….No leaders of any country have survived the betrayal of its subjects by actively supporting an invasion of the land by foreign peoples….which is precisely what is happening at this very minute…Hordes of them arrive on the shores of Britain every day of the year.

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