“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings……” BULLSHIT!

It was only half-time when the fat zio-cow Gagastein finished warbling.

One more point worth considering…it concerns the biblical quotation concerning “Lucifer falling from the sky like lightning”……

As you may not know….The pop star world is FULL of satanic imagery.If you want obvious examples of this check the Rolling Stones record covers…and the Beatles…that’s OBVIOUS examples…there are plenty of examples which are not obvious.

Some people have suggested that Gagasteins stage act was meant to have reference to the above quotation.She IS a Jew after all like the Rolling Stones.

This satanic stuff is emphatically NOT some whacky conspiracy theory…there is simply too much evidence….supporting the suggestion that Satanists are in abundance at the top level of society…most,if not all are Jews.

Nothing that some blazing machine guns wouldn’t fix…Satanists are scum ANY society can do without…they attack the very foundations of society.

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