NZ dairy farmers hit paydirt…a veritable BONANZA..

It’s called the mass importation of cheap labour from the third world.

Don’t expect Bill “Gumboots” English to clamp down on third world immigration any time soon…most of his mates are benefiting from the scam.His expenses cheating scam is a good measure of the sort of person he is…NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

But NZers have no choice in the matter…voting for Labour would make the situation WORSE.Keep in mind English is a Marrano Catholic like NZs criminal mastermind Cur Michael Fay…they are probably good mates and attend the same Freemasons Lodge.

American farmers pulled the same trick…bringing in truckloads of immigrants from South and central  America…legal or otherwise.The wholesale abuse of these immigrants is legendary….BUT….there was a price to pay…not by the wealthy landowning class but ordinary Americans.Their wages were undercut and crime soared.

The landowners in Britain have done the same using Eastern European Labour.If there was no dole in Britain there would have ALREADY been mass civil unrest.

However the REAL price to pay comes someway down the track….here we find the sort of situation found in Ancient Rome…where the native population which gave rise to the civilisation is overwhelmed by foreigners…thus removing the stability of the country…

NZers have always had a good relationship with NZ farmers…don’t expect that situation to last…especially once Kiwis realise farmers are complicit in the FLOOD of the third world immigrants POURING INTO NZ.

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