Zio-fascism arrives in America…

With fascism large corporations take over the role of elected governments…and the Super Bowel is the best place to see this in action.

Of course the Super Bowl is not really sport at all…it is a spectacle…sort of like the Colosseum in Ancient Rome minus the bloodshed.

Stepping up to the plate was none other than the degenerate Lady Gagasteen…of course she took the opportunity to make political comments on immigration…despite the fact that Americans have just voted for a president because they want the government to stop immigration of the whole world into America.So that jewess is essentially saying Fuck You to the majority of Americans.

NOTE:It is ALWAYS Jews like Gagastein who are PROMOTING THIRD WORLD IMMIGRATION INTO WESTERN COUNTRIES…..BUT….and it is a BIG but…somehow these very same Jews do NOT say this should apply to Israel.Gagastein has donated large sums of money to Jews in Israel…she has visited there on a number of occasions despite the racist persecution of Palestinians…by RACIST JEWS….

Then there were the Jewish owned fascist corporations promoting immigration….many ran advertisements (read Corporate Propaganda) running directly against the voting wishes of Americans…

One of the most blatant examples was advertising from Budweiser (also known as diluted cats piss).Here is the perfect opportunity for the Americans who voted for Trump to boycott this product.Keep in mind an effective boycott would NOT be mentioned in the media….so Americans would have to stop buying the Cats Piss for at least a year.

Even in NZ the advertising agencies (owned by Jews) are already employing adverts for large corporations to carry social engineering messages.Toyota has one promoting homosexuality.Keep in mind the message is introduced gradually…so as to condition the public.

These large Jewish Owned Coroprations are a THREAT to representative democracy…they are getting too big for their boots…they have so much power that they can now dictate to politicians how things will go….As everyone knows politicians can be bought it is just a matter of getting the price right.

However some large corporations deserve public support so their business can run more efficiently.If public spirited Americans kidnapped Gagasteen and dropped the mini lard bucket off at a Palmolive SOAP factory…it would be of great assistance to Palmolive….AND Americans would benefit too.

Americans should use the internet to initiate a nationwide BOYCOTT OF BUDWEISER….it should not be too difficult to get started since the product is a mere facsimile of real beer…it would not take Americans too long before they realise what they have been missing out on….real beer.The Budweiser fascists could rue the day they started interfering with politics.

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