10% of homebuyers…max.

According to statistics approximately 10% of the population deviate from the norm…but this figure is probably an exaggeration…

So there are around 10% fudgepackers looking for a home….well so you would expect…

Not according to the “housing programme plague”‘…..The numbers of homosexuals featured on these programmes is well over 10% and could be as high as 25-30 %….

Keeping in mind the 10% figure is in itself questionable…driven by political correctness.

So why does the media feature so many of these deviants…..The answer is obvious….sexual deviance is being actively promoted…

The Jewish controlled media is a propaganda tool,only, people in Western democracies are not supposed to be subjected to propaganda by their governments…..and there’s the rub…it is not actually the government…but rather large corporations who are responsible….just the sort of thing you would expect to find in a fascist country.

More fudgepacker propaganda comes in the guise of one of these ghastly Kardashian style programs.This one in particular features a bunch of “Persian origin immigrants” …make that Iranian.

This bunch of weirdos are ACTUALLY Iranian crypto Jews masquerading as mooslums….

They are featured travelling to Jewish controlled Istanbul…The fudgepacker in chief is interviewed outside the main mosque expressing his fears he is going to be stoned for packing fudge.Actually he looks like he has been stoned on numerous occasions before..on dope.

Some anti Iranian propaganda was able to be introduced too….as a bonus.They are pictured near the Turkish/Iranian border…The camera shows the Iranian border post at some distance….The Los Angeles rich “Muslims”….are the shown being fearful of being targeted by “Iranian Snipers”…a totally preposterous suggestion (which may actually…eventually become reality..if the Jews who control the US government are able to get the US govt to attack Iran…scum like John McCain for example ,are working on it.)

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