The Beatles and Lady Gaga…phew what a coincidence

There is a photograph of the Beatles showing a dismembered doll and raw meat.Rather odd to say the least…after all the Fab Four were a harmless bunch of guys…just having a good time.

Then of course there are the photographs of Gaga covered in raw meat…

Is this a coincidence….no way…not at all.

With the possible exception of George Harrison…that’s POSSIBLE.All of the Beatles were crypto Jews.

Ringo Star (real name Starkey…a crypto Jewish surname) LOOKS like a Jew.His wife Barbara Bach is a German origin jewess.Paul McCartney s first wife was an American jewess.His current wife is also an American jew…A coincidence? chance.Lennon was also a Jew hence his remarks about Jesus.

Harris is a crypto Jewish surname (see the pedophile Rolf Harris as just one example)…Therefore George Harrison is also very likely to have been a Jew.(he was also a “Catholic”…like John Kerry and Madeline Albright and no doubt Bono,the Edge and Geldof)

So the Jewess Gaga pulling the same stunt as the Beatles will emphatically NOT be a coincidence.Most likely there are satanic origins to this stuff.

You get a lot of discussion about this stuff on the internet…The best possible reaction is to go on the offensive against these fiends…covertly.Never mind the finer details of Satanism etc…cut to the Chase and take action….There appears to be only one top pop Star who is not a Jew…Taylor Swift.The fiends have even moved into Country and Western the husband of Nicole Kidman (a crypto Jew)

Most decent people would describe Gagasteins meat dress as SICK…and they would be right.Like Sarah Silverman the disgusting Jewess who said she would be happy to put Jesus on the cross…it is a wonder this sicko Jewish bitch is still alive!’.

Lorde…NZs artificial pop Star and a Jew would be pulling the same stunt against NZ Christians IF SHE COULD GET AWAY WITH IT….(Her pop star surname will NOT have been chosen by chance)

The manager of the Beatles,Epstein, was a Jewish homosexual.

Music is the perfect vehicle for carrying the message….pop videos are FULL of the stuff….It will be possible to gather all the required details from them..most importantly the company and production staff etc.

Keep in mind that Western civilisation WILL collapse…via the combined influence of mass alien immigration and society corrupting mass media….it is just a matter of time.

Then you have the IDIOTS who actually believe Trump….this is what you call Blind Stupidity…..a wish to believe something despite the facts.Trump is a Jew.

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