Daily Mail “British jets scrambled …”

It seems the only context in which “scrambled” is used is “scrambled eggs”and “scrambled jets” (to see off Russian bombers).

People in Britain seemed to be concerned about the possibility of INVASION….by dreadful Russians….

While the reality is BRITAIN HAS ALREADY BEEN INVADED …by the third world…The invaders being invited to invade by the treacherous British zio-elite….like Blair Thatcher Cameron and now May….ALL OF WHOM ARE CRYPTO JEWS.

THE RUSSIAN threat is being sold by the zio-media….even NZ is getting a watered down version.


Recently an “adoption agreement” between Russia and New Zealand has been suspended with the Russian government being cast as the villain.

However all the Russian government wants to do is secure the safety of the adopted children by having control over WHO gets to adopt children.And to prevent manipulation of their conditions they want to have a say IF the adoption does not work out and the children are passed on to different adoptive parents.

Given past occurrences where adopted children have been subject to the most horrendous treatment….sexual exploitation for example…then the Russian government is ACTING IN A PERFECTLY REASONABLE WAY….but not according to the media.


The Jewish media is PUSHING THE ADOPTION OF CHILDREN BY HOMOSEXUALS….many American TV programmes promote this as being perfectly normal behaviour…WHEN MOST PEOPLE INSTINCTIVELY KNOW IT IS NOTHING OF THE SORT….

Expect more and more anti Russian propaganda….At least now the average person can challenge PATHETIC BULLSHIT like “Jets scrambled against threatening Russian Bombers”….never mind the fact that ZOG of America is currently parked on Russian borders.

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