Just how stupid are you…check here

According to the Times in London (owned by the compulsory Jew Murdoch)…”Merkel plans severe crackdown on illegal immigrants…with deportations”.

The more likely you are to believe this statement the greater your stupidity….easy.

A large part of the hidden objective of multiculturalising Germany HAS ALREADY BEEN ACHIEVED…so it is a case of closing the gate after the horse has bolted.

Western governments have proved time and again that Merkels intention…that is,to crack down on immigration…..NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENS.

Or another of a host of tricks is used.”Britain is only going to accept 350 child migrants…The scheme has been shut Down”…..When “350” was the original objective all along.These fake news releases are designed to get around public opinion against ANY MORE IMMIGRANTS AT ALL.

Obviously Germans should be seriously contemplating Merkels assassination…since her actions are going to seriously damage Germany’s future…JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THE DISASTER THAT IS MALMO IN SWEDEN…A VERITABLE FUCKING DISASTER DESIGNED TO CHANGE THE FACE OF SWEDEN FOREVER…put that down to “hidden forces” in Sweden’s government….it is a betrayal by the elite…

Like the billionaire Jew Richard Branson…obviously people should boycott ALL his businesses.Note…he is completely isolated from all the refugees he is very keen to allow into Britain.ALREADY SOME PARTS OF BRITAIN LOOK LIKE A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY….FOREIGN.

Sorry but the French are going to be disappointed…The hidden government will prevent a democratic outcome and prevent Marine Le Pen from winning the presidency….and in the unlikely event she does win….attempts will be made to embroil France in foreign wars combined with orchestrated civil unrest.(rounding up the Rothschilds MAY help prevent this)

Look for the British government to revive the IRA threat….IF the Islamic threat tails off. (The IRA can be deployed against British nationalists and vice versa).

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