Kiwis…stand by for a total fuckup

Tv3 is about to replace their morning breakfast show with a new line up…

It features the compulsory line up of Jews….three of them.Strange as it may SEEM,since Jews are small in number in NZ.

The show will feature…”news” which actually is not news…but infotainment.The three Jews will be giggling and joking around in false bonhommie…..The American TV example in other words.Their comments won’t be the least bit humorous…but stupidity exemplified….Many viewers will be tempted to pick up their Kalashnikov and spray the tv with a burst of lead…..TV manufacturers may benefit from increased sales.

So how is it a programme like this is fronted by an ethnic minority which in no way reflects the ethnic makeup of NZ?’.Well for a start the Jews in question LOOK like Europeans…which is “helpful” when they constantly harp on about “white racism”….because MOST PEOPLE think they are undertaking self criticism….


Jews control the Western media…which gives Jews influence out of proportion to their actual numbers.One Example:NZ troops should NOT be stationed in the Middle East….nor should other nations troops be there….Controlling the media enables the Jews to use Western forces to serve THEIR agenda….there is no mention of this stuff in the media…of course.

So this new breakfast show WILL be a fuck up you can easily predict that…The “news” element will be heavy on celebrities and sport with detailed analysis of sports injuries….

Change channels to TV1….WHAT A LINE UP OF POLITICALLY CORRECT IDIOTS….Jack “rabbit” Tame and Hillary “testosterone” Barry….both of whom are crypto Jews….ARE A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY AND GOOD TASTE….perfect cyphers to front American TV but NOT NZ TV…..Kiwis expect and deserve better than this.

The zio-fuckwits on TV1 had an interesting guest on recently.He COULD have provided a rich source for some genuine satirical humour….but the two pathetic lightweights Hillary and Jack were in awe of him…none other than Richard Quest the ridiculous CNN homosexual reporter (CNN founded by Ted Turner a Jew,formerly married to Hanoi Jane…a jewess).

Quest was apprehended on a gay quest in NY s Central Park…with a rope around his neck engaged in the usual perverted behaviour you associate with top fudgepacker Jews….drugs and bizarre behaviour were involved…of course,that goes without saying.

So no sensible person would take the jew Quest seriously.They COULD have made an oblique reference to “activities available for tourists in Central Park”..just to watch the creep squirm his way out of it…but no….they let the cunt shoot his mouth off.(He was on a freebee provided by an Arab airline…most likely in first class).

The above is what happens when you employ characterless politically correct cyphers….they bore you to death with their ignorance and blandness…which is no doubt the reason why they got rid of Paul Henry….at least he was prepared to break out of the mould…just a little.



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