NZ Hardware Chain needs to increase its political donations…

The NZ media has been making a big fuss over Bunnings the hardware chain being fined by the Commerce Commission….

Obviously they (Bunnings) need to send a fact finding delegation to the home of big chain corruption…The United States.Here they can learn how to buy politicians to ensure they are not bothered by outfits like the Commerce Commission….easypeasy.The New Zealand Prime Minister…Bill Sweaty English should not have to go to the trouble of fiddling his expense account…Bunnings,for example,could send Gumboots English a Christmas hamper every year so he can afford to feed his starving children.

The whole point in this business is…this is a big fuss over NOTHING.

NZers don’t HAVE to buy hardware but they DO have to buy food….and it is in the area of FOOD where wholesale price fixing occurs…THIS IS A WELL KNOWN FACT.

The price of food in NZ is way over the top…keeping in mind …high quality food production is what NZ does best…NZ food quality is well known.(warning for NZers…if you buy peanut butter FIRST check the label…make sure it is produced in Australia….NZ is importing peanut butter from China..and you are risking food poisoning buying it….not that the fucking government could give a toss about that)

So price fixing between supermarket chains is well known…Next Question..why isn’t the Commerce Commission STOPPING IT?!…..Don’t expect the media to investigate this…right across Western Countries the media’s reputation has eroded as the internet uncovers their bullshit.The Guardian,for example is putting up begging letters asking for donations from readers.If the Guardian ACTUALLY performed its job as the fourth estate rather than constantly brainwashing its readers with politically correct ideology,more people would be disposed to buying it.Essentially newspapers are now behaving like Pravda in the former USSR…there is a difference however…rather than the state spinning ideological propaganda….HUGE multinational corporations have taken up the job…fascism in disguise.

NZ supermarket chains need to have their cosy price fixing cartel broken up..Third world Labour imported to staff the supermarkets has had a massive impact on…..executives pay….they are fucking creaming it in….it goes without saying that all the social problems caused by this undermining of NZers way of life VIA MASS ALIEN IMMIGRATION…THEY DONT PAY A FUCKING CENT….

Note….If you are “stupid” enough to exercise your right to free speech on the above….then you will find there is a cost to pay..with “attention” from agents of the state….So it is hardly “free” fucking speech.Naturally Cur Michael Fay would prefer to be known as a swashbuckling international yachtsman rather than the highly sophisticated merchant banker and THIEF that he really is….along with Richwhite who is currently domiciled in London….The destination of choice for high stakes corrupt “businessmen”….MOST of whom are Jews.

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