The Jewish elite in the US act in concert….

Just in case you haven’t figured this one out…it is the Jewish elite which is flooding western countries with third world immigrants…This is stone cold fact and nothing to do with “anti-Semitism”..’

The latest example is the top jew Calvin Klein…he is printing political slogans on his latest line of clothing…The models have the slogans printed on their underwear and parade up and down the catwalk….

Would the Jew Klein print…”Stop bombing Palestinian children with white phosphorous” as a protest against barbaric oppression of minorities in Israel….

YOU MUST BE FUCKING JOKING!!!…KLEIN IS A COVERT JEWISH RACIST…who fully agrees with Israel’s actions….he has also donated large sums of money to the racist Jewish state…in other words Klein is your common or garden variety hypocritical Jewish cunt.

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