“The media” has grave concerns about “fake news”.

“Surprisingly” their concerns DONT extend to the fake news surrounding the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq..nor to the preposterous fake news concerning the 9/11 attack…like the fireproof passport or the building seven collapse.

Most likely fake news will be actively propagated in the media in order to cast doubt on genuine news.It was genuine news that Building seven collapsed all by itself…well not exactly…it received assistance from explosives placed inside the building.

So it appears this fake news stuff is a backdoor method of censorship.Germany is famous for its fake democracy and “free press”.In an Orwellian style move,the German government is setting up committees who will decide if news is fake or not…

The six million Jews news will be adjudicated as 100% truth…The anomaly that two of Germany’s biggest supermarket chains are owned by Jews will be verboten fake news.

So you COULD compare these new committees set up in Germany to the Ministry of Truth in 1984.

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