Coming up on the Living Room….(an Australian TV show

Now screening…those helpful souls presenting the program( who just happen to be ALL crypto jews) are helping out another viewer in distress..purely “coincidentally” the family who are getting a free house makeover are ALSO JEWS….and Barry the stiff necked presenter is mightily pleased with his handiwork.Barry,it goes without saying is a Jew.The jewess who presents the show is bubbling with enthusiasm…Chris Brown the Clutch Cargo doppelganger and vet is positively beaming….he is a Jew as well.

Later the Jewess is shown interviewing an American actor from Hollywood…starring in some utter garbage called “Zoolander”…a Jew,it goes without saying.

Do Jews control the Wests media…?.Of course they fucking do…but you are not allowed to mention it.

As Voltaire said…”those you cannot criticise are the ones who hold the power”….Never a truer word spoken.

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