NZ TV review…

This blog is well known for giving erudite commentary on NZ TV….

The cunts at TV3 have come up with “an all new format show”….Well actually it is not new at all…they have recycled the old stuff.

The “all new” show is fucking dreadful…as you might expect.It is becoming apparent that to get a job fronting one of these infotainment shows it is a case of who you know not what you know.There are three presenters…a tosser,a drip and a twat.

They are ALL POLITICALLY CORRECT….and paid REDICULOUS amounts of money…Mark Richardstein is NZs version of Gary Linekar…a politically correct overpaid TWAT…who shows up everywhere.

So Kiwis have got a choice…watch a team of DROPKICKS on TV1 OR watch a team of TOSSERS on TV3…. better still switch off and access professionally produced news on the net…

One of the worst possible fates you could imagine would be…to be trapped in one the social functions these pseudos attend in the former NZ city of Auckland (now a multicultural hell hole ruled over by a Jewish racist elite who created the situation from the get go).The cunts would quickly bore you to tears…

NOTE; political collectivism is the Jewish elites creation…to market it they make sure they control the media…The three gits on this APPALLING show are all crypto Jews….not that you would ever guess that without extensive background knowledge of Jewish Power.




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