PhudgepackerphobiaNEEDS TO BE STAMPED OUT!!!

The language used by the Jewish owned and edited Guardian is becoming ever more strident and hysterical.They are increasingly using “STAMPED OUT” when referring to anti gay comments.

The language used is somewhat reminiscent of that used by the Russian Jew spokesman who implored Russians to kill Germans in the latter part of WW2…

Just check the latest Guardian online…It is fucking full of hysterical outpouring against Trump…it is way over the fucking top…yet this newspaper reckons it is a quality broadsheet.

Practically every article is somehow connected to political correctivism…articles on race and gayism are in abundance…The cunts need a fucking reality check…

The cunts have gone stark raving mad…it could well be the case they have sensed a change in the offing and are rebelling against it….one thing is for sure the MOFO’S have gone too far and the silent majority are increasingly hostile to their PC ideology.

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