Standby to be traumatized…

The Zio-BBC is proposing to produce a 21st Century update on Kenneth Clark’s well known Civilisation series (you can find some episodes on You Tube)

Well you know what that means…An Orwellian correction of Clark’s take on Civilisation.

They have already lined up the presenters…a racist (concealed) Jew,The famous peripatetic Waitrose Bag Lady (Mary Beard who is actually also jewish) and a Nigerian….So BEFORE the actual broadcast you just KNOW what is coming.There will be mention made of “white racism and intolerance” you can bet on it….

Naturally there will be NO mention of anything favourable created by “whites” like penicillin or aeroplanes or the idea of democracy and individual freedoms.

Kenneth Clark was a super posh bloke AVEC brains…not that common today thanks to inbreeding etc.Watching his Civilisation is refreshing …which at first seems odd considering how long ago it was made…then you realise his programme is devoid of political correctness…The stuff that makes you cringe at first…then gets you bloody annoyed…

And then you realise posh Ken is not a Jew…THAT would never happen today…The goyim have been squeezed out of this sort of tv production (there is an exception to this “rule”…provided the goy is a deviant of one sort or another)

Are BBC viewers REALLY going to have to contend with lank haired Mary Beard swanning about in basketball boots AGAIN?!….pushing PC rather than a Waitrose shopping trolley…You betcha.

The BBC seems to be constantly rehashing past successes as though they have lost the ability to innovate…Not surprising since they are in the grip of an all consuming ideology which smothers invention.Is there a parallel with ancient Rome…were later period aqueducts not quite up to the standard of the ones produced in Ancient Rome’s heyday…Consulting Mary Beard might give the answer to that one…but she has been seconded to Barnum&Baileys circus (performing fancy tricks with a souped up shopping trolley).

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