Jews make a clean sweep at the BAFTA award ceremony…

But the goyim don’t know they are Jews?!.

Take Emma Stone for example…maybe 5% of the public would know Emma Stone is Jewish.Explanation;…People with the surname “Stone” are nine times out of ten…Jewish.Make that ten out of ten if they are involved in show business…Stone will be an anglicised version of Stein….which many people know is a Jewish surname (like for example the ww2 Nazi General Man-Stein…a crypto Jew)

Then a director called Ken Loach stepped up onto the podium.Like Stone he gave a politically correct speech..he concentrated on children refugees being denied entry to Britain (we won’t go into the details of the definition of children)

His surname is an anglicised version of Roach….which in turn is an abbreviation of Cockroach….easily recognisable as being a Jewish surname….The “cockroaches” initially settled in London’s East End…via massive illegal immigration into Britain from Eastern Europe….

Okay what was ABSENT from these PC speeches at the BAFTAS?….Yup you guessed it….Israel’s persecution of Palestinians and wholesale deportation of refugees from Israel.Keep in mind MANY of these top stars and directors have close relatives living in Israel…It ALWAYS boils down to what is good for the Jews…mass alien immigration into the West is “good for the Jews”…deportation of refugees from Israel is “good for the Jews”.

The zio-wankers are now moaning about the changing times taking place and the threat to world peace etc etc.But here’s the rub….Jews have ALWAYS been leading the groups promoting mass alien immigration into the West…AND JEws in the US govt are responsible for setting alight the middle east…THE TWO CHIEF REASONS for “unrest” in Europe.

Of course the GREATER picture is the intention of Global Jews International to start a huge conflict AGAIN….under cover of which they will steal more land for the GREATER Israel Project…The Elders of Zyclon will need more anti-Semitism to force Jews to emigrate to Israhell….

Obviously to prevent them starting another global conflict “antisemites” need to sharpen up their act and direct their attention to the top ten percent of Jews….many of whom are crypto Jews…like John Kerry….(an obvious one)….

Vanessa Redgrave the lefty actress once attempted to publicise the plight of the Palestinians……THEY GOT HER STRAIGHT AWAY….destroyed her career.Only after offering humble apologies did she begin to re enter public life.Rather like Helen Thomas in Washington…career destroyed by Jews.OR The Black congresswoman Cynthia McKinney…thrown out of congress via a massive campaign against her.Career destroyed by Jews….So all those fluffy speeches at these award ceremonies…conceals the iron fist of Jewish Power ….

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