Not an Anglo Saxon in sight…..weird

The new/old Top Gear has three new presenters after the BBC zio-elite dumped Clarkson and his two sidekicks.

Two are crypto Jews… Harris and Le Blanc and the other one is an African.

Considering the vast majority of people living in Britain are Anglo Saxons the above situation seems incredibly ODD.

However once you realise that the BBC is run by people of Semitic ancestry then it all becomes crystal clear.The extremely powerful ethnic minority which controls the BBC is DELIBERATELY excluding Europeans from British television.

However the scam relies on deception because neither Harris nor Le Blanc reveal their ethnicity….if this was known you could see some objections being raised to the BBC’s racist employment policies…

Incidently ALL of the cast of “Friends” are Jews….The job lot of them…so it looks like anti “white” Jewish racism is alive and kicking in America as well.

Not surprising really ,the world’s only truly racist state,Israel,is fleecing Americans of BILLIONS of dollars every year.


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