Teary eyed Trudeau greets refugees.

It’s great for the cameras but is it real?.

Well Trudeau has not seen fit to tell Canadians he is Jewish ….so obviously he is not playing the game with a straight bat….

The point is of course that Canada allows its armed forces to be used in the Middle East….if Trudeau was the compassionate person he makes himself out to be…he would withdraw Canadian troops from the middle east…easy.

If memory serves correct….infact Canadian “peacekeepers” have been targeted by the Jews while they were stationed in Lebanon…near the border.

Keep in mind wealthy politicians live in splendid isolation from the refugees they bring into Western Countries.Rather like all the Jewish multimillionaire actors….who stand up at award ceremonies calling for more refugees…..

Trudeau is your classic CRYPTO JEW…he replaced the previous Canadian PM WHO is ALSO a crypto Jew.In BOTH cases there is plenty of evidence to suggest this….

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