What were the Brexit and Trump votes REALLY about.

That’s an easy question to answer…mass alien invasion of Western Countries….it is as simple as that.

The citizens of these countries were NEVER consulted as to whether they wanted this….it was IMPOSED from above…by an unaccountable elite.

These elites belong to all sorts of secret organisations…like the Freemasons…Bilderbergers etc.

It gets worse….The elites media does not report the facts but CONSTANTLY attempts to manipulate public opinion…like for example employing the suffering of children….SELECTIVELY.

Anyone foolhardy enough to challenge the bullshit WILL be targetted by an assortment of government agencies…it’s illegal of course…not that it makes any difference…these secret govt agencies break the law whenever they damn well please…..You’ll get smeared too,you can count on that…

In NZ there are any number of assaults taking place every day most never make the news….but when some drunk breaches politically correct laws…The media goes all out to vilify the individual….The NZ Commissioner of police has been suggesting new laws on this….His surname is BUSH which is a crypto Jewish name….this is NOT a coincidence.

So while citizens all over western countries attempt to do something about the invasion THE MEDIA smears them.The media does not reflect the views of the majority…not by a long shot.The media represents the ideology of political correctness….so essentially the Wests media is now behaving like the media in totalitarian countries…the media is a branch office of the govt.


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