Mr Smoothy makes zio hatchling swoon

This has been splashed all over the zio-guardians pages.

Trumps daughter seems to have a crush on Canada’s zio Prime Minister…Trudeau.

This is perfectly understandable they are both tribe members….(crypto Jews).

Trudeau is going to become like Blair (crypto Jew)…he will flood Canada with third world immigrants from around the world….and like Blair this may be carried out in secret without the Canadian people consent.

Like Blair his actions will prove to be a disaster for Canada.These two traitors are batting for the same team…Global Jews Incorporated….They DICTATE their policies to the Canadian public whether the public likes it or not….as a consequence the Canadian intelligence services will eventually be employed to ENFORCE Trudeaus anti Canadian policies….a secret police force something along the lines of the Stazi in East Germany…(headed up by a crypto Jew… you might expect)

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