Trumps noo National Secoority Advizier.

Trumps previous one walked….so Zio-Trump has picked a newie.

His name is Harward….and guess what…like the previous one he is also a crypto Jew!!.

Actually this should not come as a surprise….this is typical tribal behaviour…Jewish nepotism at its worse.

It is not healthy for any democracy to have one minority ethnic group calling the shots….an appropriate expression…this new one actually lived in Iran….and Iran is the next country lined up for destruction by Global Jews Inc.

Benji  Netanyahoo has just shown up in the swamp again…this time to issue instructions to the new president…Trump….only on this occasion at least some Americans will recognise that Trump is ACTUALLY a Jew…..and his first priority will NOT be the welfare of Americans…but rather Israel.



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