Money grubbing jewess uses slave labour Macedonia

It’s a good example of the international Jewish networking…used to enrich Jews at the expense of the goyim (Another example is the billionaire Jew in the US who exploits Peruvians…Miners are shockingly abused to extract minerals.They suffer horrendous health problems and are often killed in mine accidents…meantime back in the USA the Jewish cunt lives in luxury counting his money)

Samantha Cameron has started up a fashion chain to make clothes for her rich Jewish mates…she gets Macedonian workers to make the clothes at one pound per hour.But the interesting bit is her linking up with the Jewish elite in Macedonia to pull off the exploitation.It seems that crypto Jews are active in this part of the world….a number of top Jews are known to operate here…like Russian billionaire Jews…they often park up their yachts here….Loot country…shift to another country….use the money stolen from the first country…to loot the second country…THEN use power to break up the culture and identity of the new country….that way there is less chance of a backlash against them.Prostitution is a money making spin-off and gambling of course.Jewish organised crime (see Meyer Lanksy and Al Capone) proliferated.

If you met Samantha Cameron or the daughter of Robert Maxwell they would seem perfectly civilised….like hell…see Ghislaine Maxwell’s association with a Jew pedophile billionaire in the USA.

These people are filth preying on the less fortunate.

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