NZs APPALLING soap Shortland Street makes the pages of Daily Mail for the wrong reasons.

Shortland Street is NZs only soap opera on TV….

Truly describing how AWFUL it is…is difficult….it is a politically correct Orwellian nightmare….or maybe a bad trip on LSD…

You’d have to be brain dead to watch whole episodes….or have a bizarre sense of humour.The acting is excruciatingly bad…The script writers should be jailed on Devils Island off the coast of Venezuela…..The set builders perhaps included in the foundations of the next high rise building.

The cliffhanger ending of the show was one of the leading actors shown waving a tablet around in front of his son…saying “please tell me this is not your penis!!!”.

Right up  to the usual standard of appalling script writing….IT IS SO BAD IT IS WORTH WATCHING!

Please note the “interracial” boy and girl relationship depicted….this is the COMMON THEME..of this show it is one thousand percent politically correct.

The Jews who control Western television are pushing home this message in soaps in all countries they hold power in (Israel not included…OF COURSE).Not only soaps are getting this stuff…but even home and gardening shows.Creepy phudgepackers are forever rocking up to buy x y or z house…even lezo’s show up occasionally….

So it’s all about PC propaganda….”please tell me this is not your penis”…..will now go down in history as a byword for NZs APPALLING soap…..


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