Gordon Watson London antiques dealer.

Gordy is a repulsive reptilian like portly phudgepacker who has his own TV show.He caters mainly to absurdly wealthy multimillionaire Jews who live in London…but usually they are Jews who have robbed other countries and set up shop in London…..Famous customers include the Satanist Mick Jagger….which is where things get interesting.Mick Jagger is well known to hang out in Jewish controlled Morocco….and lo and behold Watstein has his own luxury villa in Morocco.

Ok…go to the website “Aangirfan” to get the background on horrendous pedophiles in this country…pedophiles from abroad that is….so you can imagine what this grotesque slug is ACTUALLY getting up to in this country.

Pedophiles often visit third world countries where there is no check on their depraved appetites..They are actually preying apon defenceless poor people….for which the penalty should be death.

So why does the BBC give airtime to this FREAK….you could ask the same question about the crypto Jew Saville..The most depraved individual in British history….

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