Joe Carolan the globe trotting zio agent.

Recently this Irish origin Jew has been making trouble in NZ by promoting the invasion of NZ by illegal immigrants from India…..He helped them hide out in a church….when you would have thought a synagogue would be a more appropriate destination.

He is obviously receiving secret funding to help fund his global shit stirring…George Soros would be a good candidate for that one.

Don’t expect this crypto Jew to show up in Israel calling for human rights for Palestinians…..or Christians who live in Jerusalem who are routinely spat on by religious Jews…..

Two of his former mates are the former Green MPs Bradford and Tanczos banjos the Hungarian origin Rastafarian.(,$oro$) Both Jews AND earning a remarkable amount of money for socialists….Spectators should watch as the socialist Carolan mysteriously becomes flush with money.

If these “socialists”…Jews that is…did not always end up rich then you might suspect they were genuine….they are out for number one and use gullible goyim to achieve their objectives.One of these Jewish socialist green types used the voluntary labour of gullible goys  to help build his eco house on the Coromandel….he even got them to pay to volunteer!!!.(under the guise of learning how to pack mud….which the idealistic idiots could have learned from a bloody book).

It would be better all around if Carolan emigrated to Israel and because IsRael’s racist immigration laws he would have no problem.His next step should be to offer sanctuary to refugees from Africa….in a church…..The Jews would be bashing down the doors of the church in very short order….

It will be Jews like Carolan who will set France alight if Le Pen wins the election…The Carolans of this world only respect democratic outcomes as long as Jews are calling the shots….there is a Jew leading the two main parties in France….just like in Britain and elsewhere.

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