The Trump speech with the “mini deception”

Thanks entirely to the internet there is growing awareness in the USA about the extent of Jewish Power and influence.

Jews no longer control information…sure they control all the media but they don’t (yet) control the internet.

But the media is despised by so many people….The lies have come home to roost.The New York Times is hemorrhaging money and readership…so it is being kept afloat by giant Jewish owned multinationals.

So Trump shows up and gives a speech which the majority of Americans Will agree with but NONE of the media organisations…funny that.

So Trump asks the Jewish run media if they have any questions (keep in mind that ALL the reporter’s shown in this speech were Jews…whether it was the BBC reporter or CNN reporter…it makes no difference.)

Then Trump allows a question from an obvious jew….The reporter is sporting the full kit including the inverted flying saucer on his head….EVEN Americans would know he was a Jew.(Americans need a helping hand)

In the end Trump dismisses the Jewish reporter….and many Americans would assume that because of the “dismissal” Jews don’t control the White House and Washington…..and that is where they would be wrong….

Note most people appointed by Trump are CRYPTO Jews…Mr straight talking Trump has not felt the need to make any mention of his race based employment policy…His spokesman SPICER…is a crypto Jew….have no doubt about that.

Trump is also a Jew…..Trump sure as hell doesn’t want Americans to know that one…..they might start asking difficult questions like…”why is America giving Israel billions of dollars every year when it is a wealthier country per capita than America!!”…..with an estimated 50 million Americans living in very poor conditions….instead of building brand new houses for Jews to live in …in Israel…why isn’t the US govt building brand new houses for poor Americans (these are the Americans who watch Jewish produced fantasy programmes like Ellen Degenerate and who hope the deviantly sexulated weirdo will show up and give them a brand new car)

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