America’s unjust “justice” system

Put it like this…if you are rich then you might get justice….if you are poor you’ll get worked over by the justice system and receive preposterous severe sentencing.

Way over the top sentences for breaking the law are characteristic of police states…

America is a selective police state…If you have a big bank balance and the right contacts you’ll get all the protection of the Bill of Rights etc.

Strange that highly organised crime flourishes in the USA….well no actually it is not “strange”….this situation is precisely what you would expect…

You could expect that there are literally thousands of  innocent people sitting in the barbaric prison system in the US.

Part of the reason being is the plea bargaining system….The authorities blackmail people by saying “you had better plead guilty to X charges otherwise we will throw the book at you.This way people who have been arrested are intimidated into pleading guilty….also because they are poor their lawyers will be low quality.

If you are poor and are charged with a crime you didn’t commit there is only one way you’ll get off….IF there is video tape of the incident.

No wonder there is an undercurrent of anger in the US….not only has the American economy been run into the ground but institutions which are supposed to protect individual rights don’t really function anymore…unless you are rich.

There are videos on you tube showing harmless American kids just larking about….as kids do…posing no threat…only to be approached by police goons threatening them with jail…for example… playing the police expense….The atmosphere must be stifling for the average American…but if you don’t know any different you could become accustomed to it.Needless to say the children of the one percent never have to contend with any of this harassment….their daddy could contact the police chief….etc etc.

It is just possible the one percent put Trump into power because they have been informed about the boiling anger in the US…..The “angry” are not the people you normally see at every demonstration…they are the silent majority and IF they get sufficiently upset…The scum in Wall Street and the Swamp could find themselves in serious trouble…..along with the CIA ….

Trump may take the wind out of their sails…by making out he is doing something…..If he starts a war with Iran or sends troops into Syria….THAT will be the end of Trump…Americans will realise they have been betrayed again…

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