Backpacker tourists to NZ being scammed by criminals

What generally happens is….they buy a car but don’t leave enough time to resell it.Cunts then offer to sell it for them…and charge them money to do so.Then the backpackers call from their home country to find out what has happened.

The cunts then assure them “it has just been sold”….and they are about to receive a cheque.

The backpackers never hear from them again.Many thousands of dollars have been stolen from tourists in this way.These scams operate in Auckland and Christchurch and you can be sure most of the criminality is not carried out by NZers but rather third world immigrants brought into nz by the zio-elite.(They have completely undermined the issuing of driving licences…EVEN involving 40 tonne truck licences…MASSIVE CORRUPTION CAUSED BY THIRD WORLD IMMIGRATION…naturally the scum in parliament comes up with phrases like “there are some issues with the issuing of licences”…LIKE FUCK….there are a WHOLE BUNCH of issues….all directly related to the importation of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF ALIEN IMMIGRANTS INTO NZ.

DONT! Expect the Jewish run media to mention any of this….they are part of the problem…..!!.


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