Trump speaks…The zio-media crows.

Trump makes a comment about Muslim “terrorism” in Sweden…The comment is not strictly accurate (Is Jew Trump doing this deliberately?).

So the Jewish controlled media immediately launches into an attack…belittling Trump.This implies that the mass alien immigration into Sweden has not caused major problems…WHEN THE FACT IS IT HAS.

Malmo was once a peaceful city…NOW IT IS A FUCKING MULTICULTURAL HELLHOLE.

Parts of Stockholm are now off limits to the police!.

The news report Trump took his cue from however was run by JEWS…one of them took the opportunity to lie by saying the majority of people support the elite driven invasion of Sweden…a TOTAL LIE.

Okay…now check the internet and find the video of an American/Israeli Jew ((Barbara spectre something or other) who lectures Sweden about Europe’s multicultural future….This racist Jew says Europe must accept the invasion of its territory.Inadvertently she reveals the truth of the matter…because she states Jews will be resented because of their leading role in the immigrant invasion…

We have Jews in NZ doing exactly the same thing…For example Phillip Goff who is the mayor of Auckland.You don’t have to be smart to get this job….Goff is living proof of that….you just have to have contacts….Goff the Son of a Bitch has plenty of those….just like the Mayoress of Christchurch…she is also Jewish and corrupt to boot.

Now take note of Israel’s immigration policy….JEWS ONLY…The Jews don’t want their identity threatened by immigration….BUT JEWS ARE LEADING THE MULTICULTURALISATION OF THE WEST…….Of course there is a hidden agenda.

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