Crypto Jews for dummies….

There was an absurd situation a few years back when people were suggesting Arnold Schwarzenegger was an Austrian Nazi…after all he had the blonde hair of the classic Nazi…..The fucking jerk is ACTUALLY a crypto Jew….hence his success in Hollywood….an industry totally dominated by Jews.Another “Nazi” in Hollywood is the faux Catholic Mel Gibson….it’s total BULLSHIT the midget is a MARRANO….

Travel to Israel and you’ll find loads of black Jews….originally from Ethiopia.

95% of Americans believe the Obama’s are…blacks….well they are black BUT they are ACTUALLY Black Jews.Just like Chelsea Clinton…Obama’s daughters are JEWS…..The media won’t be describing them as Jews of course…The media is owned by Jews.

But the “crunch” comes when they get married because here is where they are often exposed as Jews.The Bush children get married to OBVIOUS Jews and the Clinton hatchling gets married to an obvious Jew.Trumps daughter is mentioned …and the media tells the public she converted to Judaism to get married to a Jew….this is a LIE of course since she is ALREADY a Jew.

Just wait till the Obama daughters get married….HERE is where their cover will be blown……wait and see.

Isla Fischer the Australian soap actress was described as “converting to Judaism” to get married to Baron Cohen the comedian/film star….total lie of course since Fischer (a Jewish surname…like the Fischer who got married to Elizabeth Taylor…a jewess) was already a fully paid up member of the tribe of Judah….which currently holds western govts hostage.

Prince Harry is currently engaged in a relationship with an American jewess.Mrs Simpson the American hermaphrodite who caused the abdication in Britain was also a crypto Jew.Prince Williams wife Kate Middleton is an OBVIOUS CRYPTO JEW….thanks to her mother’s ancestry.

What about the Hapsburgs…The rulers of the Austrian Hungarian empire….yes they were crypto Jews….

You could hardly find a more obvious crypto Jew than “Randolph the Mad”…at some point this outfit must have been infiltrated by the Jews (like the British Monarchy)….Here you can see the close links between Jews and the top end of Catholicism….

In Spain the Jews infiltration of the Catholic church was exposed…this is the origin of many words which describe Jews who purport to be European.(In Turkey crypto Jews were called Donmeh)

Shortly after a mini pogrom against Jewish financiers in Vienna…The Ottoman empire shows up on the outskirts of Vienna….most likely the work of Jewish financiers controlling things in Istanbul.Also Vienna suffered some sort of disease outbreak post pogrom….more than likely the Jews waging an early form of biological warfare….(Most likely they will employ this method to depopulate Syria prior to invasion and settlement….that way they won’t be accused of mass killings etc.(like that perpetrated against Russia…primarily via deliberately caused famine).

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