Big American multinational$ go on charm offensive (sic)

For the past three decades the big American corporations have been strip mining the American people… the pursuit of profit…FOR the one percent,or maybe ten percent….They have done a great job fucking the country up….wars for Israel in the Middle East,mass alien immigration providing cheap labour for Wal-Mart and the giant agricultural concerns…and just to cap things off…shifting jobs abroad…The coup de gras for the standard of living for Middle Class Americans.All of this shit accompanied by immigration promos from American shit television…..

In a recent poll an astounding 82% of Americans had a NEGATIVE view of major corporations….The figure will be even higher if you take into account the General opinion of the mass media.

The tent cities are the forerunner of permanent shanty towns you find on the outskirts of third world cities…so far things still function enough for the tents to be pulled down….The all pervasive drug taking by Americans prevent poor people actually doing something about their circumstances….not possible while stupified by toxic drugs.

OK….large corporations are generally disliked if not hated by the majority of Americans….and the cunts know it…so now it appears they are going on a “charm” offensive….looks like they are turning over a new leaf….NOT.

Fox News owned by the billionaire Jew Murdoch had a heart rending story about a struggling ex middle class American family….like so many Americans just keeping their heads above water…one major health issue and they would be living under threat of eviction and poverty (while watching on TV…modern day documentaries of 21st Century Ancient Rome…where the corrupt elite live in luxury…like the Kardashian scum.)

The story became even more tragic when the neighbour of this family…a solo mother,dies of cancer…she had no one to help her so asks her neighbour to take her kids…who most likely would have ended up in some care home…with all the risks that involves….Despite the neighbours own dire financial position…they took the kids into their home.


Those AWFUL makeup coated syrupy smiling MORONS who front American TV are all over the story like a fucking rash.

Builders rush in to give the house a makeover…they even get a free fancy car from Ford….priceless publicity…Ford the company with a social conscience

Americans like crying a lot when confronted with stories like this one…they blub a veritable river…IT IS ABOUT TIME THEY WISED UP AND GOT MAD.

If these giant companies had not fucked up the American economy…these Americans would not have to be relying on their charity….If health care was affordable…and not the MOST EXPENSIVE HEALTH CARE IN THE WORLD….etc etc etc.

Trump has got four years to make changes (like the fucking prick Obama promised)….any changes are likely to be cosmetic…to fool Americans once again…..if nothing substantial is undertaken…then Americans NEED to take up their guns…The right to own guns was designed just for this situation…The overthrow of corrupt governments….

There is a very good chance a false flag will be used embroil America in a war with Iran….The next country on the Jews hit list.

Lots of tricks will be used to prevent Americans focussing their attention on the criminal one percent….maybe a race based conflict…etc.

Americans should keep in mind that they had better set their sights on the one percent…if THEY get the upper hand in any conflict….Americans had bet watch out…because they’ll set the attack dogs on Americans and won’t stop until they have wiped out all opposition….that’s what “one percents”do to preserve their power and wealth…no holes barred.

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