NZ considering buying new transport aircraft.

Of course most Kiwis will have forgotten the purchase of crap Canadian LAVs….which left the conclusion that corrupt practices were involved…International arms purchases ARE RENOWN FOR CORRUPTION…

So NZers are going to have to be on high alert for corruption otherwise a whole new batch of multimillion dollar mansions will be springing up in Auckland….paid for by NZers…

Actually the Japanese Kawasaki transport aircraft would make sense.One Airbus 400 has ALREADY crashed and the C17 is too big and becoming dated (the Aussies have them).

Carrying helicopters is one factor..but another MAJOR CONSIDERATION is the capacity to get off the ground IF Gerry Brownlee is on board! (Brownlee is a zio-porker in the NZ govt….who is costing Kiwis loads of money…The NZ govt has to pay a fuel surcharge every time he boards a jet).

The Kawasaki Z1 900 was a bullet proof motorcycle…..and reliable…This Kawasaki aircraft will probably be similar…(Kawasaki could use these classic motorcycles as bribes to NZ ministers….plus the obligatory secret bank account in Switzerland…(see Cur Michael Fay who took temporary refuge in Switzerland)

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