Patrick Gower…..dial up an expert.

Contact has been made with David Icke,the world renown herpatologist.

There is a lot of speculation surrounding Patrick Gower…is he actually a lizard,….who better to consult than David Icke.

According to an email from Icke…”Mr Gower is undoubtedly of reptilian ancestry,probably related to a colony of Puffed Cheek lizards of the northern Namib Desert….his pattern of behaviour fits this classification perfectly….”

There you have it ,Gonzo Gower is a lizard…Once again Professor Ickes expertise comes to the rescue….now it makes sense.The Auckland Herald has (purportedly) a secret video of Mr Gower attempting to entrap mosquitos on the Petone foreshore….. with his big mouth.Precisely the behaviour observed in Namibia….Mosquitos are the staple diet of the Namib Puffed Cheeked Lizard!!.

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