Check the Vagabonde sailing You Tube site

At least some of the guests they have on board are actually Tribe of Judah activists….”Elayna” is definitely a crypto her boyfriend maybe.It shows their international networks because these “protectors” show up in different countries.

For so long these racist fiends have had things their own way.Using the media which they control 100% they have managed to cast themselves as innocent victims of history…..however their barbaric treatment of Palestinians gives an insight into their real nature….extremely cunning nasty specimens…..and racist like no other people on the planet.

Put it like this…for years they have been telling the world that (for example)…The legends of Jews poisoning village wells in Europe…was an “anti-Semitic” myth….Lo and behold there are well DOCUMENTED examples of Jews poisoning Palestinian water sources!!! (One method employed is to use soiled nappies thrown into the wells)

Today these fiends have America by the throat….they have wrecked the US Economy….and are flooding the country with immigrants from all over the world…Although the media does not mention it….JEWS MAKE UP THE ONE PERCENT….some of them are open Jews but MOST of them are CRYPTO JEWS…like Bill Gates…..

Who would guess that Richard Branson the British billionaire…is a JEW!.

These racists will set the world alight in order to expand the state of Israel…under the fog of war.

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