Free speech in Britain….it depends what sort of free speech..

A Catholic priest from Poland has been “detained at the airport”‘

Apparently he was going to give a speech at a Britain First rally….

The REAL problem is the priests criticism of Jews….that’s a no no.Naturally the zio-press includes his comments about Mooslums…as being one of the reasons for his ban….it’s a diversion of course.

For the past several years…an Albanian murderer has evaded deportation from Britain….only recently was he removed.Apparently tens of thousands of pounds was spent to allow the murderer to make appeal after appeal against deportation….So it looks like free speech is more dangerous to Britain than a convicted murderer…

Incidently…consideration should be made of a revising of Polish history…Polish freedom fighters took up arms against the Nazi occupation near the end of WW2….but their mates,the advancing Soviet army halted their advance on Warsaw….which enabled the Nazis to crush the uprising.Once this had been crushed by the Nazis,the Soviets resumed their advance….You could take this at face value OR you might consider that the idea was to weaken Polish resistance….a deliberate act in other words…..keep in mind the Jewish controlled Soviet Union wiped out some of the Polish elite in the Katyn Forest Massacre.(were crypto Jews running BOTH.. sides in other words)…The top Nazi Gauleiter in Eastern Europe was none other than a chap named ROSENBERG.

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