…Truck drivers are being attacked….all the usual stuff….but NOT reported by the BBC.

Jimmy Saviles activities were NOT reported until AFTER he died.Saville was a Jew….or crypto Jew who made several trips to Israel….

Sorry but there seems to be no alternative for the people of Britain but to start launching attacks on MPs…however keep in mind that at the head of the British Secret Police is a Jew…PARKER….this follows the pattern in many other European countries.People should note the ethnicity of the leaders of the Secret Police in the Eastern Bloc countries…almost exclusively JEWISH…and they killed THOUSANDS of people.

Note:…Shortly before becoming Prime Minister,one of Theresa Mays FIRST actions was to meet with the head Rabbi of Britain…..The British government PAYS to fund the Jews private security organisation in London….THIS IS VERY LIKELY TO BE ILLEGAL….

The American and British governments are TOTALLY CONTROLLED BY JEWS.

Theresa May is NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THE INVASION OF BRITAINS LAND…which means the common people are going to have to FORCE her into action by any means possible.

Meantime in NZ the JEWS ARE FLOODING OUR COUNTRY WITH ALIEN IMMIGRANTS LEADING TO SEVERE HOUSING SHORTAGES….not to mention all the other services under extreme pressure…roading,health system,schooling.

NZers should NOTE the ethnicity of the CEO’s of the main TV channels…they should not be leading comfortable lives while deliberately misleading NZers……………..

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